Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Countdown! 50 days till Santa visits the land down under

HO HO HO....

50 Days and counting, until Santa himself visits our homes. Now for you that like to mope around at christmas time, wishing that it would come and go a little faster, I would love for you to read this post.  
As I was a kid Christmas was the most exciting time of the year... I just couldn't wait till the early hours of the morning Christmas day. 
But it wasn't just Christmas day, it was making little gifts and cards for family at school. It was being apart of the Christmas carols at school and inviting all of your family too come and see. 
"Does anyone remember making a card for every single person in your class and handing them out before Christmas... The prettiest card for your crush... An of course you wouldn't hand a card out too your enemy."
Now although I don't quite remember when I found out that Santa wasn't real, it now doesn't quite matter. I have not lost any spirit at all, I have so much excitement and joy for the Christmas holidays and everything that leads up too and after Christmas. 
But it's not quite how I feel about Christmas, I think its so very important to the kids in todays society. We all have to admit presents were the most exciting part, but we don't want todays generation growing up believing that Christmas is only about receiving presents. Its about the story; 
A very long Christmas story made short..... The meaning of Christmas is giving to others and sharing time with family and friends. Now giving doesn't necessarily mean giving a gift, it means giving time, care & love to others. This all getting a little too corny, but i really don't want people to forget how special Christmas is. Don't get caught up in all of the materialised thoughts on Christmas. 
I refuse to follow the rules of putting your tree up on the 1st of December, as I love a longer lead up to the special day. SOOOO... Today was the exciting day where I put my Christmas tree up. All though I would've loved to get a fresh real tree, this was the cheaper option. In all honesty, this tree plus all of the decorations coster no more then $50... The presents under the tree is a different story.... (the secret is to buy all of the decks and tree after christmas day each year)!

My Christmas Tree

I have a goal for you all. 
I'm not asking much, but I am suggesting something beneficial for you all.
Sit down with friends or family & watch a Christmas movie of your choice. Get all excited and pumped for Christmas. An most importantly put in that extra special effort for the kids this year. You'll never understand the special memories you will be making for them. 

XXX Get excited for Christmas 


  1. What a sweet message in the end. I love the spirit of the festive season too. And I can't wait for boxing day!