Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Covergirl- bombshell volume
$10.74 (prices may vary)

I love love love trying new mascaras!
Its very important that I personally find a good mascara, this is because my eye lashes are so blonde naturally. I feel so naked and bare when I have no mascara on, its literally embarrassing! I go from looking like a 12 year old with no mascara on to looking my age with mascara on, and most people with naturally blonde eye lashes will feel my pain haha!

This mascara was really fantastic. I hate mascaras that are so thick and leave your eye lashes looking like spider webs, its not a good look at all. 
  • Use Step 1 of the mascara wand and apply one coat of the extreme volume basecoat to top lashes
  •  Use Step 2 of the mascara wand and apply the intensifying top coat on top of the extreme volume basecoat. For a more dramatic look, apply a second coat. 
I naturally have very long eye lashes but mascaras like bombshell really allow my eye lashes to get that extra bit longer and fuller. This means on a Friday and Saturday night fake eye lashes aren't needed, woooo! 


Step 1                                   Step 2

This is my eye lashes end result!
Looking full and very long.
I don't know how but USUALLY some how my mascara seems to disappear towards the end of the day. 
But after wearing bombshell for the entire day, it looked just the same as I applied it in the morning. Very happy with this mascara,
I rate it 10/10 :)

COVERGIRL's Bombshell mascara wears like a waterproof mascara and as such, should be removed with an oil-based makeup remover product for best results. For more information on how to apply and remove Bombshell mascara please check out this video


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