Saturday, November 15, 2014


The ultimate family Christmas activity. 

You haven't quite seen magical if you haven't attended Santas Magical Kingdom. Everything about the event felt so real and full of spirit that I honestly don't want Christmas to end. 

Even writing this post about Santas Magical Kingdom has me excited! Can you imagine what I was like at the event last night?
Anyone who would've seen me last night at SMK would have thought I was a 10 year old girl that worshiped Santa. But nope, 18 years of age and I think I had the most fun out of the hundreds of children that were there. 
The event was held at the Caulfield race course, and perfect enough there was FREE parking right out front of the gates. As you walked into to the gates you were greeted by the ticket box, ready to collect your tickets. Of course we arrived early and were the first guests to be lined up and ready eager to enter! 

As soon as we walked inside our faces lit up and we were gasping of excitement. 
As you walked in, their was the most gorgeous, bright Christmas tree surrounded by reindeers. The whole event had the most amazing decorations. 

SMK was held in a huge tent, which was great because of the chilly weather. The inside of the tent was blue, so it almost felt as if you were outside on a clear blue day. 
The activities were endless, and I can assure you we attended all of them! The activities included:
-Gingerbread man making
-Walk through snow land 
-Santa professional photos of course
-A huge slide to race your friends on
-Meet your favourite Christmas characters 
-Build your own LEGO
-Show ground rides and carnival attractions 
-Mrs claus storyland 
-Food stalls
-An most importantly Silvers Circus show

At 8.30 pm the Silvers Circus had opened their curtains. As soon as the announcement had been made over the speakers families were rushing towards the Circus tent. 
I think this was all of the children's most favourite part of the night, as they got to see Santa in real life. 
The Silvers Circus event revolved all around Santa and Christmas. Many amazing things happened including;
- Dogs played football
- Hooler hoop act
- Tight rope walking 
- The scary running obstacle  & much much more!

The circus had the whole audience singing, dancing, shouting and clapping. The atmosphere was amazing! All of the children were ecstatic to see Santa. It was the best part of the night in my opinion, as it melted my heart too see all of the kids so happy and over the moon after seeing the Santa and the circus act. 
As we walked out of the tent, everyone was offered a free icy pole! I didn't think the kids could get any happier.... but they did!

It was such a special experience, but the most important part is that the kids had the most amazing time! Every child you saw had the biggest smile on their faces and were running around  full of joy. I know my nieces had a night they will never forget, an they are defiantly counting the sleeps until Santa arrives. It really made Christmas time the most special time of the year! People tend to forget how magic Christmas is, but SMK brought all of those magical & special feelings back. This event wasn't only for the children to have a fantastic time, but I realised that it was also a for families to spend memorable time together and share this amazing experience with one another.  
I had the best night and I will defiantly be attending SMK 2015! 
See you then Santa xxx


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