Saturday, November 15, 2014

A face full of new products

Get ready with me!
reviews & tips. 

I've had such a busy busy week with work and events. So what's a better way to try my new make up then before going to an event! I will take you through the products I used before the taste of Melbourne event :) 

I find doing my make up so fun. Your face is like a canvas and you can create the 'artwork' however you want. It's truly amazing the difference make up can do! Yes natural beauty is imporartant but I am not against using make up to hide flaws or enhance your pros! 

Let's start with my skin! 
I started with the Covergirl tru BLEND fix stick concealer in shade 15. So I started to use the crayon like fix stick and cover my freckles and the little skin pigment I have on the right side of my face! 
I find these types of fix sticks really handy, I can even cover pimples with them. Its like a very thick foundation that I use under my foundation to cover and of my imperfections. Something really handy too keep in your make up bag for that big pimple you weren't expecting before a night out, really a face saving product! 
RRP- $8.24

Then I stuck with Covergirl and used their tru BLEND foundation in shade 15. A very light foundation that i find is very watery but silky at the same time. I would use this foundation when I want a very natural look and I don't want a perfect coverage. Because its honestly a very pretty look for your natural freckles too show through a foundation, its very natural! To apply my foundation, I always use my hand. As I find using a sponge not for me, because the sponge absorbs most of the foundation! I would recommend this foundation too people that don't need fantastic coverage and already have naturally clear skin. Best thing about this foundation is how affordable it is!
RRP- $9.50

To finish my face I used Covergirl trublend pressed powder, for over the top of my foundation. I always like to use a pressed powder over my foundation, its like the last finishing step! I was worried this powder was going to look to light on my face, but it actually went perfect with my foundation. I was actually receiving some compliments on my face, and I think its all thanks to this pressed powder! 
RRP- $7.99 

Time for my eyes!
Yay, eyes is my favourite part of putting make up on! It really does set the theme/look you're going for. You can alter your eye shadow to give you so many looks and suite a certain event or outfit. 
I used the frosted pastel eye shadows from the body shop-
I'm no make up artist but I would say I'm quite okay at applying eye shadow. For those who aren't, the palette has a little how to on the back which is great help! Now I would never usually use these colours but I actually really liked them in the end. Now the photo doesn't do it justice but my eyes really did stand out with this eye shadow. If you're a big fan of eye shadows I would defiantly check out the body shops range, because they have good colour mixes and the eye shadow itself is good quality. I do think the eye pallet is a bit pricey, but with The Body Shop you're paying for quality and natural products that don't get tested on animals and protect the planet!
RRP- $36.95

Lastly luscious lips!
Lips will always stand out on your face! Putting lipstick or even gloss on your lips really enhances them and finishes your face off I believe. I wanted to use one of my new Rimmel london provocalips 16 hour kiss proof lip colours..... May I mention that again.... 16 hour kiss proof!! Do you know how often it happens to me that I wear a lipstick and kiss my partner through the night, and he gets so annoyed because his left with lipstick on his face! Before the Taste of Melbourne event, I went to kiss him and he even backed away and said noooo your lipstick! But there was no need, as this lip colour honestly didn't leave the slightest mark. I used the 'skinny dipping' colour, which is almost a nude colour. The provocalips range is available in 8 different shades, in which I am in the process of trying! 
Without a doubt this is my new favourite lip colour, with two easy steps; 
- Apply the lip colour all over your lips, let is set for 30 seconds. 
- Apply the setting gloss, and then BOOM you have a lip colour for 16 hours!!
Totally the best purchase you will make, and I don't think any customer is going to be disappointed! In my top 10 best products of THE YEAR. 

My finished face!
A simple look that was so easy. 


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