Sunday, November 16, 2014

EVERLOC. Style your bathroom

Do you sometimes get embarrassed when visitors use your bathroom? 

Well I did! My bathroom is quite an old bathroom and it defiantly needed some styling.. 
Everloc bathroom accessories changed my shower in minutes. Now I'm so regretful that I don't have a before photo, because I can't show how yucky the shower DID look. But I had one of those shower racks that hang over the shower head. Of course those shower racks are often cheap and they usually rust easily like mine did. 

I received a push n loc large shelf for the shower & a toothbrush holder! All I need in my shower, keeping it simple and neat. No longer a need for heaps of hair products to be on the shower floor! The push n loc range have many perks including- 
- Easy to install 
- No tools or drilling required 
- Easy to remove, clean or re use 
- Can hold up to 8kg 
An of course the push n loc large shelf doesn't have to be used in the shower/bathroom, it can also be used in the kitchen or laundry! A great space saver and keeping your house looking neat! 

Everloc are market leaders in suction based bathroom and kitchen accessories, and are now ranged in over 70 countries. Constantly evolving Everloc has recently introduced the new patented Dual Action System suction, which has an internal silicon ring that acts as a secondary seal & fills out any small imperfections in the mounting surface.

Everloc suction holds up to 15 kg!!!! 
10/10 for Everloc, thank you for styling my bathroom!

I actually found everloc products at my local big w, and was surprised how affordable their range is! 


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