Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Today's must haves

Happy hump day too all! 

Today I have decided to be productive and get things done. 
Before I start work at Cotton On today I have decided to get some reading and planning done, followed by all my essentials. 
Here is today's must haves. 

Essential Cap- Cotton On
Water- Cotton On foundation 
Cleos October summer beauty special issue- Cleo 
Reveal perfume- Calvin Klein 
Healthy Touch- Dettol 
The Focus Watch- Ripcurl
& most importantly 
My IPad with The Bali Bible app.

Now as you all know I am planning my second trip to Bali, which I am so very excited about.. I swear one day I will live there! So I have decided to get some extra planning done, because I know January will be here before we know it. If you're planning a trip to Bali I really Reccomend hoping on to the website or app "The Bali Bible". It will give you so many great ideas, or it can also let you remember those places you visited in Bali and revisit some unforgettable memories! 


  1. Aaah Bali. Beeen there two years ago and would definitely visit again. Enjoy your trip there!


  2. Thank you Sarah :)
    Why don't you plan another trip too Bali, its amazing isn't it!