Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Get organised!

Get everything sorted & organised! 

Everyone feels so much better walking into a clean and organised home, it's very important! 
How annoying is it when your trying to find paper work, a cord a beauty product (anything in the household) and you cannot find it anywhere. 
Now it's not expensive too get your house clutter free, you can really find some awesome bargains, an ill show you some of my bargain ideas :) 

Now I thought about making this post just for bloggers & their products but bloggers aren't the only ones with beauty products over flowing! 
My bathroom was just way too full and cluttered, the bench in particular. So I decided to get all of my make up sorted and neat! It's not only about tidying it's about making all your products easy too find and getting rid of useless things you don't use! 

I brought two plastic drawers (with two drawers that slide out) 
I labeled each drawer so it's that little more organised! 
These were purchased from kmart for only $10 each!

Now secondly, I needed a really nice space to get away to blog more efficiently. I needed a new desk for my study! Something that stores a lot of files and paperwork, a big space to write and take photos & more extra space for decos. 
I brought this amazing desk for only $99 from office works. Sooooo glad I found this desk because it's been an absolute life saver. I love it! 

(you may need a very handy helper to set the desk up, thanks jake!) 


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