Monday, November 17, 2014


The go to technology gift guide! 

Christmas is around the corner, and of course that means gift buying! 
For those who are a little stuck on gift ideas I'm here to save the day. I have included some of 2014's best technology presents. Now a little advice & something I strongly believe in: Always buy the latest. Meaning that in this day and age our technology needs to keep up! Now some people totally disagree, but if you're going to invest your money into a product for yourself or even someone else, don't you want the most updated & improved version? It may only be a little extra, but it's totally worth getting the latest version of your technology... Especially if your buying it as a gift. 

Now I have spent some time on picking the right products for my list & I have tried every single product included. So I am advising honestly and on my personal opinion on these products.
My technology gift guide includes: 

- ASUS transformer notebook
A great two in one device, a tablet as well as a notebook. Easily detachable the tablet comes off of the keyboard whenever it's convenient for you. When travelling or browsing the tablet is great, and when typing needed the attachable keyboard is soooo handy! 
RRP $479 (shopping

- Apple TV 
Oh my best investment yet! Hooked up straight to my TV, I can view things on my phone from my TV! I can watch movies purchased from my iTunes account, and most importantly I have Netflix set up to my TV for 1000's of movies and TV shows. Technically Apple TV has saved me a lot of money and time, no longer needing to buy or rent movies. 
RRP $99 (jb hi fi) 

- Beats by Dre pill
An amazing portable speaker for you to take with you on all of your travels. The sound that comes out of these speakers is so freaking good! I was amazed by the quality and how loud the speaker gets. Rechargeable and then ready to take and play music whenever you want! This would be an awesome gift to receive. 
RRP $259.95 (Apple Store)

- Beats by Dre SOLO2 headphones
Again, a fantastic product by Beats by Dre. Redesigned and better then ever, the sound that comes out of these headphones is unimaginable! These headphones are also a lot smaller and are able to fold down and fit in the handy case, making them so easy to take with you everywhere. I especially love these headphones for during my gym activities, amazing for running! 
RRP $259.95 AU (Apple Store) 

- Fitbit
Perfect gift for the fitness type. Too keep up with their sleeping patterns, steps and calories, the Fitbit is great. Just too give you that help you need and extra motivation, the Fitbit will help you on your path of a fitter lifestyle. Did I mention it's WIRELESS
RRP $120 (office works) 

- Xbox one 
A personal favourite of my boyfriends! The ultimate gift for a gamer. With voice and face recognition this is defiantly the most high tech gaming console at the moment. Compatible with Xbox one games only, the quality is perfect. Can be purchased as a bundle from many gaming shops. 
RRP $ 498 (Harvey Norman) 

- GoPro hero 4
For the adventurer type. The best underwater and action camera to date. This camera  captures the most brilliant images and videos, and you can have them straight on your phone. With heaps of handy accessories available, the gopro is for any sport/adventure/travel. Can also purchase the gopro remote with it, so you can take a picture or video by the click of a button. Defiantly the best gift for someone that likes to travel or engage in lots of adventure activities. 
RRP $470 (camera paradise) 

- Apple iPad Air
The best thing I've spent my money on this year. Amazing quality and functions, I literally use the iPad Air everyday. For studying, browsing, writing, socialising and much more! The iPad Air is so convenient and easy to use that I rarely even jump on my computer at all. I'm making this post off of it now haha! Truly my favourite Apple product and I own a lot of Apple products. I have also noticed the fantastic battery life compared to all my other Apple products, my iPad lasts forever! 
RRP $499 (Apple store) 


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