Thursday, November 6, 2014


Very, Very, Very Exciting news!

I am officially a Tupperware Party Consultant

As of today I am now a party consultant for Tupperware. 
What I do is organise people to host a party at home through Tupperware & show the Tupperware products & show demonstrations (including preparing food, woohoo).
Hosts of a Tupperware party receive awesome Tupperware freebies that can save you hundreds! 
If you are interested in getting all of your friends, family & colleagues together to host a Tupperware party, I would be delighted to be your party demonstrator. 

Host a party before Christmas and have the opportunity to receive a lot more freebies! 
Hop onto the website for the updated catalogue and information on how to start your own Tupperware party!

If you were interested in hosting a party contact me via my email address-

I would love to host your Tupperware party xxxxx


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