Saturday, November 8, 2014

First Christmas gift guide

Some people (defiantly not me) struggle to come up with Christmas gift ideas. To the point where they ask the person want they want, and personally I love to surprise a person with their present. 

So I've decided to make my first Christmas gift guide, as I find it extremely easy to come up with present ideas. Now I've tried to make this gift guide quite uni sex, and it includes presents from $10-$500. Now I have made this list including more expensive presents. Because I know people like to spend big on close loved ones for Christmas. But in saying that I will also be posting under $20 present gift guide and other handy gift guides! 

These gift ideas include anything directed to mums, dads, the adventurer, the fashionista, the student, partners & lots more! 
I started off with the GoPro, for the adventurer type. This present can be a little more pricey but good for say your partner or young adult child who likes to travel and engage in adventure/water sports.
The next one is a cute little cactus plant from Typo which averages from about 10-$20, good gift idea if your not wanting to spend much at all! 
The next one is again from typo and it is a decorative pineapple, the lid can also come off and be used as a little storage pineapple, this gift is under $40
The next gift idea is if your wanting to soend big on mum or dad! A vitamix!!! Depending on where you get it from, this gift averages from about $1000, but it has a life time garuntee and it honestly is a great thing to invest your money on.
I'm going a little typo crazy but the next gift idea is a light box, where you can alter what it says. A very fun present for someone who likes to keep their room/house/study decorative! 
The next exciting gift idea are the wireless beats by dre headphones. For about $280 these are a good gift idea for almost anyone!!! Majority of people like to listen to music so the beats by dre are handy and the quality and functions are great! 
Nixon watch, $300! Can be brought from surf shops and online. Such a gorgeous watch any girl would fall in love. Reccomend as a partner idea! 
Again with typo! (Sorry they just have so many gift ideas, check them out) a 2015 planner, which is handy for anyone! People tend to forget to get organised for the year ahead so this is a brilliant gift idea. Even better it's under $30
Typo cushion, can purchase 2 for $40 and a lovely idea for your mother or mother in law.
Typo throw, can be purchased in 3 colours for under $60, and a great idea for anyone that owns a home and likes to decorate. 
Nike- now I'm not going to say the specific type of mikes these are because any Nikes is a good gift idea. Not only for someone who engages in a lot of spots and is active but for comfort and fashion! Great gift idea for anyone, and the prices vary from different shoes
Calvin Klein- reveal. I have recently done a review on this perfume and I'm in love. Reccomend purchasing from my chemist warehouse for the cheapest price! 
Travel set from typo for only $30! Great gift idea for anyone going on holiday
Lastly another gift idea for the traveller! A suit case, Kate Hill to be specific. Very fashionable for any female! 

Of course these gift ideas can vary from different types or colours or even where you purchase them from. But there's my Christmas gift ideas! Some of the best products and anyone would be lucky to receive them. I will keep my gift guides coming so enjoy and please message or comment if you would like any advice. 


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