Sunday, October 19, 2014


There is 1 thing I HATE shopping for! An gosh I love shopping for most things... But when it comes too hair ties I just hate buying them every couple of months. 

Any girl will know how easy it is to lose or snap a hair tie.. It happens way to often. My long hair also finds a way to get tangled up in the hair tie and I lose half my hair trying to take my hair tie out hahaha, no joke! 
But when I received an email about reviewing the new cray bands I was quite interested. After having a look on their website I was quite keen to receive some of pretty bands and try them out! 
When they arrived, they were just as pretty as they looked online but.. I wasn't quite impressed yet, as they just looked like a piece of ties up ribon. 

But I was completely impressed. I have a lot of hair so it's hard for a hair tie to fit around it all, and hold it up. But these bands are just great, they've been holding up my hair all day and their so soft that it's impossible to damage my hair in anyway! 
But theirs more that makes these bands stand out from other hair ties, their so fashionable. Isn't it ugly when you have a back up hair tie on your wrist, but these bands come in bright, pastel an many other amazing colours and patterns that there's no way they look ugly on your wrist. 
Depending on the day or event your attending too, you can always dress up your hair by which band you chose! 
Have a look at the craybands website at all the different types there really are.. Am I promise you this, you won't be disappointed. 


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